Finishing Touch Contracting, Inc. is fully equipped to provide you with the following services:

Building Permits & Inspections supervised by Finishing Touch

Planning, Permits & Inspections

When renovating or adding onto your home significantly, your municipality will require your project to be permitted and subsequently inspected, possibly several times over the course of construction. Finishing Touch works with you, or your designer or architect on the planning process to ensure we are positioned to pull building permits and oversee building inspections. We also ensure that all subcontracted work, such as electrical and plumbing, is properly permitted and inspected.

Renovations & Restorations

Renovating an existing home can be a daunting, surprising, slightly scary undertaking – and older homes pose particular challenges beyond the usual mis-wired circuits. We work on a comprehensive plan for your renovation to minimize surprises (and surprise costs) before we touch anything. If there are historic considerations, we can work with your town’s preservation society to ensure plans work within the community guidelines. Once we start the project, we utilize the services below to efficiently and expertly transform your house into your home.