Finishing Touch Contracting, Inc. is fully equipped to provide you with the following services:

Building Permits & Inspections supervised by Finishing Touch

Planning, Permits & Inspections

When renovating or adding onto your home significantly, your municipality will require your project to be permitted and subsequently inspected, possibly several times over the course of construction. Finishing Touch works with you, or your designer or architect on the planning process to ensure we are positioned to pull building permits and oversee building inspections. We also ensure that all subcontracted work, such as electrical and plumbing, is properly permitted and inspected.

Renovations & Restorations

Renovating an existing home can be a daunting, surprising, slightly scary undertaking – and older homes pose particular challenges beyond the usual mis-wired circuits. We work on a comprehensive plan for your renovation to minimize surprises (and surprise costs) before we touch anything. If there are historic considerations, we can work with your town’s preservation society to ensure plans work within the community guidelines. Once we start the project, we utilize the services below to efficiently and expertly transform your house into your home.

Before and After shot of a historic home being renovated

Additions & New Construction

Finishing Touch Contracting is a full-service remodeling and construction company. We take on major additions and new home construction projects from inception to completion. We work with our customers in all capacities and are comfortable handling all the details of a major construction project or new build. This includes working with you, your architect or your design professional to execute your ideal home. Whether you want to add a bathroom, master suite, or guest house to your property, Finishing Touch is your first call.


Masonry is an art and a skill. Especially in the Northeast, stone work needs to blend in with the historic character of the area. Whether you are interested in keeping your historic dry stack stone walls from the 1500’s, need a natural looking privacy barrier, want to give your home a more refined look with stone veneer over your foundation, or are interested in a patio, paths, pool deck… you get the idea. Finishing Touch’s masons can craft your project, and make it look right at home next to your neighbors 1800’s barn.

Mason setting stone in grout
Built in cabinets and drawers by Finishing Touch Contracting

Finish Carpentry

The finish, trims, and architectural details of a room and home can make the difference between “nice” and “magazine cover.” Finishing Touch specializes in finish trim and built-ins including mantles, media centers, wine storage and more. We know the materials and finishes that work best for your application, and how to craft and install them to last a lifetime. Check out some of our work in our Finish Trim & Built-Ins projects section, we’re quite proud of it.

Roofing & Siding

The “Roof over Your Head” is more than a euphemism. It’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements, a primary insulator, and can be a stunning statement atop your home. Finishing Touch provides roofing repairs, re-roofing, and new roof installation services. We can also repair your chimney (including flashing and waterproofing), install copper work, and gutters. Our expertise extends to your home’s siding – which we can repair, replace, or refinish, as you require.

New Cedar Shake Roof Construction by Finishing Touch
Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Service

Interior & Exterior Painting & Finishes

You can’t have the finishing touch without paint. So we’re experts in painting, and all surface finishes and treatments. We utilize the appropriate techniques and equipment to achieve the proper finish for any surface, interior or exterior. Finishing Touch will repaint your interior walls (including plaster, paneling, and drywall repairs), refinish your deck (including any necessary preparation and repairs), or stain or paint your house or outbuilding (including stripping/sanding, and siding, trim, and soffit repairs). Best of all, we’ll do it expediently, and keep your house and property clean, and as usable as possible. If you’re looking for the perfect finish with minimal disruption, contact Finishing Touch.


Finishing Touch has built award-winning kitchens for clients throughout Westchester & Fairfield counties. We understand the intricacies of designing and building an area that is used as family space, for cooking, eating, and socializing. We work to create kitchens that flow and provide multiple uses, seamlessly. Check out some of our Kitchen Renovations, and then contact us to talk about planning your project.

Kitchen Renovation by Finishing Touch

Tile & Marble Installation

You have one shot to install tile flooring, walls, or backsplashes correctly; then any mistakes are literally set in stone. Same with showers and other bathroom built-ins – with the added bonus that they can leak if installed incorrectly. Finishing Touch to the rescue. We set dead flat floors and plumb walls, install beautiful backsplashes including mosaics, and construct impervious showers, tubs, and steam rooms using the latest building materials.

Windows & Doors

Windows, Doors, and Skylights – even new units – are the weakest point in a home’s insulation barrier. Proper installation is critical to maintaining an effective air, water, and vapor barrier against the elements. Replacing old windows and doors can stop drafts, improve HVAC system efficiency, and make your house more comfortable. Selecting new windows and doors can be a daunting task. Contact Finishing Touch to speak with a knowledgeable professional who can improve your home’s insulation performance and aesthetic.

Replacing old windows professionally
Bathroom Remodel by Finishing Touch Contracting


The Loo. The WC. Your Oasis. If you have children, maybe the only 20 minutes you get alone on any given day. Why not make the most used room of your house, more enjoyable to be in? Finishing Touch can transform your existing bathroom into a restful room of tranquility, or create a new space in your home to call your own. Either way, we have extensive experience remodeling bathrooms.

Custom Builds

Everything else. The real “Fun Stuff.” Creating custom architectural elements, accents, and outbuildings allows the team at Finishing Touch to test their building acumen and execute exciting work for our clients. What do you need? What do you WANT? Let us bring your vision to life!

Custom Building and Construction - Cupola with Cedar and Copper Roof